We are emotional creatures, but we can change how, for what purpose we fulfill our desires

Question from the Internet:

“Why are humans so ridiculously emotional more than any other animal species, they seem unable to see the world in a cold and crisp way without falling into positive or negative show offs?”

This is who we are, 100% emotional creatures, sensing the world through emotional impressions. Our mind, intellect is “secondary”, serving, sorting, cataloging the emotional impressions, preparing our senses for more.

We are not robots. Our main matter, engine is a desire, the insatiable, irrepressible, incessantly growing desire for existence, survival and fulfillment. Everything unfolds within this desire, measuring, verifying all through the fulfillment our lack of fulfillment of the various desires.

In fact the whole Universe - even the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels in Nature - are built on the same desire.

Rocks, inanimate objects “desire” to keep their structure against any external influence. Plants already have much more evolved desires for existence, survival, making then more mutually interacting with their surrounding. And on the animate level this desire for existence, survival - and the subsequent interaction with the environment - evolves to a qualitatively much higher level.

But in Humans this innate desire is expressed in a completely different manner. While in relation to our biological bodies we are exactly the same as other animals, we tend to survive at each other’s expense way beyond natural necessities.

The roles of the predator and prey on Nature are strictly, perfectly defined, this relation always remains within the optimal parameters of natural necessities, available resources, moreover the predators eat the weakest samples from the prey actually helping their natural selection. Thus the “circle of life” remains intact.

Humans change, excessively consume, destroy everything like cancer to the point of potential self-destruction. This is how evolution programmed our desire, our emotional program.

But evolution also gave us a unique Human mind that - besides simply serving the emotional faculties - is also capable of unique, critical self-assessment and the ability to initiate crucially necessary see-change.

Besides Humans also ask about the actual purpose, meaning of life animals never ponder about.

Evolution made as cancer in its system while also gave us a mind and potential ability to recognize how harmful, self-destructive we are in our initial form. This is how we can finally move onto a new, this time conscious, proactive, purposeful Human development, fulfilling our truly Human potential, purpose in Nature’s started.

Through the consciously, actively, methodically acquired contrast between our original egotistic, cancer-like program and the acquired “Nature-like” selfless, altruistic, integral upgrade we open a new, much higher consciousness, perception, capable of attaining Natural reality in its totality in an objective manner through true comparative research.

Then - although we will still remain emotional creatures, sensing, describing everything through Human emotions - we will attain a precise, correct, truthful picture of reality.


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.