We are born into a dystopian society — in order to consciously learn how to build a perfect one

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readOct 27, 2020

Opinion from the Internet about our present dystopian Human society:

Yes, just take a look around. It’s really quite sad.
We seem to understand that we are from the earth, but somehow we miss the fact,— that we are OF the earth.
We prefer division, and take up causes, instead of finding common ground. We allow ourselves to be divided and seem to enjoy this division.
We find solace in the misery and misfortune of others, of our friends, and even of our families. I guess that means that our life is better if their life is worse. Now that’s dystopian.
We measure ourselves against each other and that’s just insane. We announce a misfortune and somebody else will tell us that their misfortune is worse. We announce a new belonging to hear someone say that theirs is better. This really cracks me up. I mean I gotta laugh,—— otherwise I’d cry. Friday afternoons at a local pub are the best times to witness this odd behavior.
It’s almost enough to make a guy loose hope,—— almost.

I agree with you, on one hand it is very distressing and one could easily lose hope - unless we try to understand that it is all purposeful, helping out special “Human education”.

This is why we need a very special educational method.

First of all we need to recognize that this self-serving, egocentric, individualistic nature that causes all the problems is in all of us without exception. Of course the same nature makes us see the negatives only in others, while it always justifies the self, as if we ourselves weren’t egotistic, enjoying success at the expense of others.

So we need to look into a “brutally honest” mirror first of all, as most people are completely unaware of the desires, intentions, forces that drive them from inside.

Only when we recognise how we look at the world and how we relate to others can we start adjusting, changing ourselves.

Why are we born with such seemingly “negative”, egocentric, subjective, hateful and exploitative qualities in a Natural system that is the complete opposite?!

In order to give us the chance to purposefully, consciously and methodically change ourselves. This way even after we integrate into Nature’s system - by taking on ourselves Nature’s selfless, altruistic qualities above and against our inherent nature - we won’t become blind, instinctive elements, parts of the system like other animals.

We will retain our original independent “outsider” viewpoint through our inherent nature, while we acquire a new, objective, “insider” viewpoint as a result of acquiring Nature’s qualities above, against our own. And between the two we can develop a perfect, truthful vision, the total attainment of Nature’s system in the contrast, comparative research.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.