We are before an unprecedented, conscious evolutionary transition

Opinion from the Internet on humanity:

“It is my increasing belief that never, while humanity exists on this planet, will there be peace. The argument against is of infinite complexity. Humans are driven by many desires and some are more adept at satisfying those desires than others. The struggle is to survive. It always has been. To stay safe in what is, essentially, a global hunting ground where one is either prey or predator. The motivating force is ‘need’. For food. Shelter. Money. Power. Sex. Possessions. Ego-driven and fuelled by belief systems and one’s own perceptions of need. Peace on Earth…? Never. Not while we are controlled and subjugated and drag around the weight of whatever prevents the mind from always feeling what it perceives as lack. Or the mind that is never sated with ‘enough…’”

I fully sympathize with you and again and again, lose my hope in mankind’s ability to recognize the root cause of our problems and thus remedy it.

I can now watch firsthand, how in New Zealand as well people can hardly wait for the lockdown to be over, so they could return to the same, completely aimless, consumerist “normal”, the endless rat race that prevents us from thinking about anything “humane”.

We are like children put into the corner by Nature for our “crimes”, but instead of thinking about what is wrong and how we could correct it, we simply count the minutes until we can escape and return to doing everything we did before.

Fortunately, I studying daily a very special, empirical natural science that explains that this is how things need to unsolve, experiencing blows, increasing suffering wave after wave until the pain will force us to rethink our lives and initiate self-change.

Of course, there is a wiser way of transition towards our inevitable — obligated by Nature’s laws and evolutions relentless flow -next evolutionary stage, which stage is like how single-cell organisms “decided 600 million years ago to become multi-cellular organisms for the obvious evolutionary advantage, except that in our case this decision has to be conscious.

The wiser way of transition is learning the root cause of our present problems — our selfish, egoistic, exploitative nature being incompatible with Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system — and also learning how we can consciously, proactively, methodically build the crucially necessary, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Nature-like integration above and against our instincts.

Only this conscious transition — either waiting for suffering to force us or by proactively initiating the self-changes — will make us truly Human.