We are at crossroads our future life depends on

Question from the Internet:

“Is change truly a lost cause?”

Change is extremely difficult.

Our inherently self-justifying, fiercely individualistic nature resists any changes, especially any changes related to the person oneself.

We are ready to change others or the world around us, but we refuse any notion of making true, fundamental changes on how we live, behave or relate to others.

Our inherent ego convinces us in any given conditions, states that how we are, what we are doing is right and we don't need to make any changes, as any problem we encounter relates to others, to the world, to any cause outside of us.

At the same time both individually and globally we are sinking into ever deeper crisis, sleepwalking towards a global self-destruction as a result of this self-justifying, subjective, proudly individualistic attitude.

If we don't change ourselves and start acting in the mutually responsible, mutually complementing, selfless, altruistic way Nature's laws sustaining balance and homeostasis require, we will not survive.

Thus the necessary changes we have to go through will come in two potential ways:

1.Through intolerable suffering as the increasing crisis situation, economic collapse, social breakdown, wars will force us to make changes against our will.

2.We start making changes proactively as a result of a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method, that can explain us, and help us feel what it means to exist in a fully integrated and interdependent world, and what such global, integral conditions demands from us.

Choosing between these two options is our only truly free, Human choice in Nature's lawful, deterministic system!