We are all equally responsible for the society we live in

Question from the Internet:

“What facet of society causes the most harm in human relationship? Why?”

There is no such facet!

We are all equally responsible, as we are all born with the same fiercely individualistic, egocentric, subjective nature and we all enjoy succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense.

This is neither a sin, nor it is evil, we didn’t have free choice about the program Nature’s evolution “created us”.

It is true that there are more or less egotistic, more of less selfish people in society and it is usually the most selfish, most egotistic who become the leaders, public influencers, decision makers.

But pointing fingers at certain people, parties, by trying to remove the “rotten apples" to keep only the seemingly beautiful, healthy ones will not help. As we know, power corrupts, whover gets into a responsible, powerful position will start behaving exactly the same as the “rotten apples" before.

If we want true changes in society, then we all need to change, upgrade, complete ourselves purposefully, consciously, through the right, purposeful and practical education. This active, conscious self-change will make us “truly Human" — a bring that can exist, act above basic instincts, acquiring qualities that make us similar to Nature.

To give us this conscious ability, proactive change is why evolution created us with the selfish, egotistic, exploitative original nature!