As the present socio-economic crisis deepens people are wondering if it is caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, or it is caused by “delusional economics”, misguided leadership?

From those options it is better to point at economics and leadership, the “delusional economics” and “misguided leadership” are just symptoms of the deeper, main disease: how we relate to each other and to Nature’s system.

After all, economics is simply the external expression of the relationship between people in societies. And in that respect, we are all “at fault”.

This is how politics, society, and economy is built regardless of the leading ideology, or the name of the social system. But we are in complete denial, actually, we are in a strange “schizophrenic state”.

When we watch TV-series like “Black Mirror”, or movies like “Lorax” with our kids, or when we champion activists like Greta Thurnberg, we all agree, support, we are horrified how people live, how Humanity is destroying Nature….

And we vehemently want to change…others.

But when it comes to ourselves, “oh no, I do not have to change, I am doing everything right, and I can prove to everybody!”

We evolved into a system that requires total, mutual responsibility. And since we are all born with the same egotistic nature — regardless of whether we have already recognized this in ourselves or not — we all have to change.

We all have to go through a unique, purposeful and practical educational process which will teach us how to act, exist above, against our instinctive urges, attitude, always for the sake of the collective, for the sake of the whole system.