We all like the heroes who fight for the truth

Opinion from the Internet:

“I still like a scraper that fights for the truth even at their own expense. Those are my heroes!”

I also like the heroes who fight for the truth. The question is how do they know what the truth is?!

There has been many heroes through history, and we have them also today. And they all fight for something different, and mostly they all fail, sooner or later. And usually that failure costs heavily for many.

We can’t even identify, comprehend the “truth" before we acquire a truly selfless, objective viewpoint of reality above and against the inherently egocentric, subjective view, perception we are all born with.

So far all our heroes fought for “their own truth". From now on we need to fight for “our truth", something objective, really truthful.

And for that we need that new - purposefully, methodically acquired - selfless, objective viewpoint, a perception of reality that is not distorted by any egocentric, subjective bias.