Utopian society built on the template of Nature

Question from the Internet:

“Does a utopian society require a sense of individual purpose to be sustainable? How do you reconcile perfection with satisfying an individual’s need to continuously improve the world?”

A “utopian” society needs to be adapted to Nature’s perfect system, as that is the only template to “perfect” we can imagine.

And such a “utopian” society that is integrated into Nature world truly provides happiness, satisfaction, infinite fullfilment to all.

Moreover we can actually, realistically, tangibly build such a utopian society here and now with a special, purposeful and practical educational method.


Since we are talking about intimate, full integration, selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections where the individual self dissolves, it doesn’t work through individual goals, purpose, only through mutual, collective ones - which we also have to “borrow” from Nature.