Using the unique, Human free-choice in order to solve our problems

In order to achieve much-needed world peace and to solve all the mounting global problems that affect everything and everyone in this world, we need to first find the root cause of all these problems.

And this is where we got stuck, as the diagnosis is very unpleasant to hear.

The root cause of all the problems in the world — lack of peace, lack of ability to solve the mounting global problems, Humanity’s war with Nature — is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic and exploitative nature, inner program.

We are not to blame for this program since we were born like this from Nature’s evolutionary system. And evolution has its purpose with giving us a nature that makes us as “outsiders”, opposite to Nature’s system. Only in this way can Human beings have a free choice no other parts, elements, creatures in Nature have, only in this way can we develop into the unique, objective observers of the system we are destined to become.

Our free choice starts from the moment we make the unpleasant recognition of the inherent ego in us in its totally destructive form.

Then we finally have the opportunity to start changing, “upgrading ourselves” — with a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method that can “borrow help” from Nature’s evolution — to activate our own “Nature-like” inner tendencies. Those could balance and harness, channel the all-powerful ego from its instinctive self-destructive course towards positive, constructive goals, purposes that align us with nature’s evolutionary direction: full integration in the vast system.

By that we can finally achieve our evolutionary Human purpose, attaining and justifying Nature’s perfection against, in contrast to our original “egotistic imperfection”, destructive tendencies.