Unity, cooperation above segregation, and mutual distrust

Question from the Internet:

“What brings segregation in the hearts of humans, yet no one chose to be who they are?”

You are right on both counts. We are instinctively segregating, we distrust, dislike those who we consider “others” that are different than us, who we do not fully understand.

On the other hand, nobody is responsible for who they are, moreover we are also not responsible for treating, approaching others in a totally egocentric, subjective, negative way as that is also programmed in us from the very beginning.

This is why — in a generation where the globally integrated and fully interdependent world forces us to exist, to cooperate together in order to find solutions for the mounting global problems threatening our existence — we have to learn how to interconnect and build mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation above and against who we are, how we instinctively behave.

We do not have to — we can’t actually — suppress, erase our individual differences, diversity. With the right approach, through the right method, we can find the most optimal, mutually contributing place, role for each and every person.