Understanding Nature helps us understand ourselves

Zsolt Hermann
1 min readAug 16, 2021

Question from the Internet:

“How does understanding the laws of nature enable a better understanding of the natural world?”

Understanding the laws of Nature gives not only a better understanding of the natural world, but they also help us understand ourselves better and give us the template for improving ourselves.

By fully understanding Nature’s strict, unchanging laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depends on, we can finally also understand that with our inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic and exploitative nature we are incompatible with the natural system we are born from and still exist in.

As a result of this recognition we can implement the necessary purposeful, practical method that can help us adapt ourselves to Nature’s laws and achieve compatibility with, integration into Nature.

And when we reached that integration we will acquire an unparalleled, uniquely Human “insider observer” viewpoint within Nature, that will provide us with a complete attainment of the natural system to such an extent, that we will have a realistic, tangible feeling as if we designed, controlled the whole system.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.