Question from the Internet:

“What are the sources of our knowledge of the natural world and their problems?”

At the moment our understanding of Nature is very hazy, arbitrary, full of misunderstandings. We are only scratching the surface and this is why we are intentionally, unintentionally harming Nature with everything we do.

Research, understanding something requires similarity, equivalence of qualities between there observer and observed, researcher and researched.

By default our inherently self-serving, egocentric, exploitative qualities, behaviour is completely the opposite to, incompatible with Nature’s primary, selfless, altruistic qualities, behaviour.

While in Nature a very fragile balance, homeostasis is maintained on the still, vegetative and animal level, where each part mutually complements each other to keep Nature’s life-giving integration, flow, communication at all levels, human beings act like cancer, consuming everything excessively for themselves while living in ruthless competition even with each other, within the same species, succeeding at each other’s expense.

We will only understand Nature when we become similar to the system, taking on ourselves a “Nature-like" integration in Human society, acting through mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation for the sake, well-being of the whole.

The fact that we have to achieve this consciously, methodically, by our own efforts, above and against our inherently cancer-like program — in contrast to the rest of the Natural system, instinctively, blindly integrated — gives us our evolutionary advantage, potentially making Humanity Nature’s only conscious “insider but independent" observers, partners.