Under the total control of Nature

Question from the Internet:

“Do humans control nature, or does nature control humans?”

Humans try to control Nature, not understanding that even their urge to control Nature derives from Nature.

We have nothing that originates in us “from nothing". All our thoughts, desires, actions originate from the blind instincts that are operated by the general “matter", “force-field", plan that exists and operates in Nature.

Knowingly, unknowingly, with or without our consent we are flowing with Nature’s relentless, deterministic evolutionary drive towards a most optimal, final state.

And Nature — besides the originally incompatible, destructive program that drives us at the moment — also installed in us a uniquely Human aspiration, desire to reveal, find our human purpose in life, to find a meaning in life being blindly chasing, fulfilling the “animate” desires for food, sex and family and the “social" desires for wealth, power, fame and knowledge which we pursue without any free choice.

Only when this long-time dormant desire, aspiration for meaning, purpose becomes strong enough — either through increasing suffering in our present life or finding life totally aimless, depressing, empty without it — do we approach our only truly free choice in life: the manner in which we reach the final optimal state evolution drives us to.

We will reach that goal, purpose through the increasing blows, failures, suffering we endure through the helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, the pain finally making that aspiration towards meaning, purpose overcome all other desires, aspirations.

Or we can consciously, purposefully, methodically and proactively pursue the goal, purpose evolution predetermined for us, making the developmental path pleasant, swift and suffering-free.


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.