Unconventional Solution

Zsolt Hermann
6 min readNov 21, 2023


Israel is at war. It is a war Hamas provoked and started. Hamas broke a previous ceasefire agreement again. This should not be surprising since Hamas never hid its goal and determination: to destroy Israel and kill all Jews living there. On the 7th of October, they vividly showed how they wanted to do this.

People in Gaza and also in the West Bank celebrated October 7th, which also means that if they had the choice, they would all do the same.

Many Islamic countries, even ones that had developing diplomatic connections to Israel — like Turkey — praise and support Hamas.

Even Russia and China seem to side with the Palestinian agenda despite both countries’ strong stance against Islamic resurgence and terrorism.

On the other hand, at least in the immediate aftermath, many countries who previously called for restraint from Israel agreed that Hamas cannot remain an acting and governing entity in Gaza. A month after the start of the war, many of these “early supporters” seem to think that Hamas will walk away peacefully if Israel stops the war and starts yet another ceasefire negotiation.

Everybody expects Israel to reward Hamas for abducting women and babies with a “humanitarian pause and ceasefire” and even release Hamas terrorists as part of the “deal.” This will make Palestinian terrorists even more likely to kill and abduct Israelis — and probably other Western civilians — in the future.

The situation is getting more and more surreal by the minute.

Israel — for now — has a very clear goal for this war: to remove Hamas as an entity from the Gaza Strip — which many others agreed with in the beginning. The problem is that Hamas is physically embedded in the civilian population, and their terror infrastructure is physically embedded into Gaza’s basic infrastructure. Hamas is like a cancerous tumor that structurally metastasized into the human population and the physical structure of the Gaza Strip. They are also strongly present throughout the other Palestinian territories in Judea and Samaria.

Such cancer cannot be excised with surgical precision.

Everybody who is willing to see and think can see it; there is abundant and verified information and data on this, and this information and data grows every day.

But people do not want to see or think. They want to close their eyes and follow their dogma.

They call for the so-called “peace process” and “two-state solution” as if it has never been tried before. This “peace process was started and restarted multiple times. Even Nobel Peace Prizes were handed out to certain politicians.

The Palestinians had at least four chances — if not more — to take the land offered to them — twice with East Jerusalem as their capital — and they refused and resorted to killing Jews instead.

At the same time, other nations, especially Arabic nations, care about the Palestinians only when they can play them like pwns and put pressure on Israel through them. When Palestinians are oppressed or even killed by other Arabic people, nobody seems to care. None of them offered to take the Palestinian refugees, and many of them already have Palestinian refugees whom they keep in separate camps and whom they do not give equal rights.

Thus, even if Israel won the Gaza war and removed Hamas, the unsolved situation with the Palestinian population in Gaza and in Samaria and Juda will remain unsolved.

It seems that there is only one clear agenda: the world does not need the State of Israel; people would rather see no Jews in the Middle East — and perhaps anywhere else. We are already used to Jews being held responsible and being ostracised for anything they do in a disproportionate way despite their small population compared to the world.

Thus, even if Israel managed to “remove” Hamas from Gaza — which the world will try to prevent stronger and stronger as time goes by — there will be no true solution since the Palestinians will remain in limbo. Of course, other terror groups will continue their ceaseless actions against the Jewish Nation.

If we learned something in the last decades, it is that there is no “conventional” political, economic, or military solution for this Gordian Knot.

But is there any “nonconventional” solution?

As wise Jewish sages have been saying and writing throughout our history, the only solution for any problems Jews and Israel face is the undisputed unity and mutual responsibility among Jews.

We also know that this is not some “simple” unity when we throw away our differences and unite because we have to fight a war against some common enemy. It is not even a unity in order to build a safer and more prosperous country, or because we celebrate the same Holidays, for example.

Jewish unity and “mutual guarantee” — where each member of society becomes totally and unconditionally responsible for each and every other member of society — is something “supernatural.” We have to build and keep this unity above and against our constantly intensifying, inherently egocentric, selfish, and individualistic nature. In this unity, we have to generate the so-called “brotherly love” between us while we also feel the proverbial “unfounded hatred” against each other, in which hate is constantly awakened and incited by any differences and disagreements between people.

And the Jewish Nation is more diverse than any other. Jews are “stiff-necked” people who are very opinionated and stubborn and cannot agree on almost anything.

Our sages also noted that if it was not for the constant external pressure and hatred against us from others, Jews would have already scattered and disappeared among others a long time ago. Except that others do not want us to mingle and disappear, as if consciously and unconsciously, they would know that Jews have to stay together and achieve something for everybody’s sake.

Moreover, we can also see that antisemitism and Israel hatred become especially intense at times when humanity is in great crisis and turmoil when people always find and openly blame the Jews for their problems and demand some solutions from them.

Israel is not a regular nation among other nations. The Jewish Nation was “chosen and assembled” specifically for a certain purpose by reality’s single developing and governing force (God or Nature) based on the merit and unique qualities of the so-called “forefathers.”

These early Jews from ancient Mesopotamia, who later formed the Nation of Israel, had a unique ability to recognize their inherently destructive, egoistic, selfish, and individualistic nature and purposefully build mutual integration and mutually complementing cooperation between them above and against this inherent nature.

While the rest of humanity continued developing by blindly and instinctively following the inherently egoistic, exploitative, and individualistic human nature, Jews and the Israel Nation developed through the unique Jewish method of unity above and against disunity and “brotherly love” above and against “unfounded hatred.”

This special unity does not simply give Jews greater stability, strength, protection, and prosperity. It also makes them similar to nature’s single “force field” that is also based on mutual integration that sustains the balance and homeostasis that life depends on.

As a result of this similarity, when Jews keep their unity, they can sense and harness nature’s fundamental developing and governing force for positive and constructive actions and to protect themselves.

Through their unity and mutual guarantee, Jews become a true, practical, and realistic channel of positive energy toward the whole world.

This has nothing to do with mysticism or religion; this is a very realistic and tangible action and phenomenon for which we have multiple examples and vast experiences from history.

When Jews kept their unity and mutual guarantee, they overcame vast empires that tried to exterminate them; they survived against all odds compared to other people who disappeared while also unbecoming prominent and positive elements in any society where Jews lived — until they started abandoning their unique unity.

When Jews forsake their unity, they immediately face existential danger, and others start to chase, expel, and kill them. For example, even before the latest war, when Hamas broke through the seemingly impenetrable, technologically highly advanced border around Gaza, Israel was in a state of near civil war.

There is no conventional solution for Israel’s security and long-term survival or for the calm and tranquil existence of Jews in any country in the world. But when Jews revive their original unity and mutual guarantee — above and despite everything that separates and rejects them from each other, they become literally invincible, whole also become a channel for nature’s positive, life-creating, and life-nurturing force to reach and treat humanity.

Only with the help of this force of nature (or God), and by providing the only working template for a sustainable human society to the whole world, can Israel extinguish all sources of evil — within and without — and secure a strong, safe, and prosperous existence for everyone.

This solution is based on the laws of nature, and there is no other solution for the evil in humanity but to learn how to rise above our inherently egotistic, selfish, and exploitative nature and build nature-like mutual integration and mutually complementing cooperation between al. Then nature will also accept and support mankind since we become an integrated and benevolent element within nature’s system.

Teaching this to others and showing a positive example is the only purpose Jews were chosen, and Israel has the right to exist!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.