Turning the destructive ego into a useful power station

We are born with an inherently egotistic, subjective and exploitative nature that drives us towards a “cancer-like” behavior - succeeding, surviving at the expense of others, of Nature. This is how we act instinctively.

But we also have a unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment, initiating unprecedented self-changes, self-upgrade.

We can activate this self-upgrade by recognizing our inherent ego as destructive, threatening our individual and collective existence - especially as in today’s globally interdependent, integral world the two are the same.

This recognition of the ego as our “mortal enemy” can happen by waiting for increasing crisis situation, the worsening global crisis taking us to the brink of self-destruction as it is happening now or happened through history. But this is a long path which pushes us yours changes by intolerable suffering.

On the other hand we can purposefully, methodically provoke, incite our egos in safe, purposeful “laboratory-like” environments, groups where we can also immediately learn how to use, harness, changes the vast power of the ego as engine towards positive, collective goals, purposes.

Then the destructive ego that can become a devastating nuclear bomb can turn into a life giving, energy providing nuclear power station.



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