Tuning ourselves to a different frequency

Perceiving reality through egocentric frequencies by default

By default, we experience life in the level of actions, events. What we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell determine our reality.

Moreover we — subconsciously, according to our original program — perceive and compute everything according to our instinctively egocentric, individualistic, subjective “pleasure/pain” calculations.

This is the “frequency” we are all tuned to by birth, and since in this respect we are all the same, we all experience reality in a similar way.

So we built a Human system we live in accordingly, we can agree on things, we can operate a certain reality together we all feel ourselves in.

And until now we didn’t notice that our Human bubble would be false, incompatible with actual reality.

Forced to re-tune, fine-tune ourselves

Since Einstein quantum physics started to reveal some “disturbing” facts about true reality’s fabric, about “relative perception of reality”, about the observer changing reality and oneself by simply observing it.

Still, we viewed this as something peculiar, interesting, but not something that would fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

It is only now, when our so far solid “bubble” started to burst, when whatever we built and all our tools, theories, dogmas started to slip through our fingers, that more and more people started to realize that perhaps what we accepted as “absolute standard” regarding consciousness and perception has been an illusion?!

Perhaps whatever we accepted as solid, real has been a fantasy, dream, a certain “Matrix”?!

We reached a unique toning point in Human history when Nature’s evolution is obligating is to change our consciousness and perception in order to start perceiving, experiencing reality as it is, to find our rightful place, role in the system.

Accessing the level of intentions

And since Evolution is not something random but it is deterministic and “intelligent”, when we need it we also find a special, purposeful, and practical educational method that can help us fine-tune ourselves to a completely different frequency.

We can change nothing on the usual practical, action level of reality we lived in so far. Whatever we experience is like the lit pixels on a computer screen that is already final, impossible to change.

The frequency range we need to find is deeper, more internal, it is the actual determining dimension of reality, where the true decisions, changes are made.

It is the place of forces our waves that are intangible, invisible, undetectable to our normal senses.

In “ourselves” we find this frequency range on the level of intentions behind the actions.

Change of intentions

Normally we are not aware of our intentions. We don’t need to be aware of them as by default we only have a singular intention: to make all decisions, calculations only for our own sake. This is how we are programmed, tuned by Nature’s evolution.

Through the above mentioned unique educational method, we can, first of all, make the original intentions detectable, conscious. This way we can honestly recognize, that regardless of what we previously thought, each and every decision, the calculation we ever made and still make is for our own sake only.

This is a very unpleasant recognition for most people, but we can find solace in the fact that we are not responsible for our inherent program since we didn’t choose it for ourselves.

But through the same method, we can also learn, moreover feel that the inherently self-serving, egocentric, subjective intentions are the root cause behind all the problems Humanity is experiencing. These intentions prevent us from building true, positive, constructive, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing interconnections with reach other.

And in Nature’s fully integrated system — which we are also integral parts of — we can’t survive without becoming similar to Nature.

Thus with the help of the unique method, in a special mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment we need to learn how to modulate, change the intentions behind our decisions, calculations for our own sake, for the sake of others.

Tuning ourselves to Nature’s perfect frequency

This is a process that takes time, we need a lot of patience, great mutual support and inspiration to keep making efforts, fine-tuning ourselves again and again until as if a new layer, a new ability opens up inside us. We become able to arrest, slow down the otherwise automatic flow of actions, blind decisions, calculations to such an extent that we can grasp and then turn the intentions as if turning the tuning knob on a radio receiver.

And the more frequently we can perform this acting, the more we can stabilize the new, selfless, altruistic intention, the more we start to sense a new kind of life experience.

Through the similarity, if frequencies we achieve, we will start to sense Nature’s perfect “broadcast”, sensing its “circle of life” streaming through us.

By changing our intentions from egocentric, selfish, subjective to altruistic, selfless, and objective, we acquire the ability to attain Nature’s system from within, as if “clothing into” its system.

And this unique ability to research and attain Nature from within is our evolutionary Human purpose in life.



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