Trying the impossible: to become “truly Humans”

We could say that without trying the impossible we can never grow, develop.

After all “possible” means remaining within our present comfort zone, not trying to break through the boundaries either we or natural conditions set for us.

Evolution would not have happened without “trying the impossible”, after all how did life develop from lifeless materials, how did multi-cellular organisms develop from single cellular ones, how did animals develop from the vegetative level?

And now we are also ahead of an evolutionary jump in Human development, when we ourselves have to repeat the earlier example of single-cells combining to multi-cellular organisms for an evolutionary advantage - but in our case consciously, by our own efforts.

As we evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent world, our problem-solving ability and collective survival depends on this step.

Still from our own, inherently selfish, subjective, individualistic point of view this seems utterly impossible. The pandemic again proved, that even when our health, safety depends on cooperating with one another, instinctively we still remain as we are, individualistic, naturalistic, trying to succeed, survive at each other’s expense.

So our own “impossible” - still obligatory - evolutionary jump requires a very special, purposeful and practical educational method.

We need to learn, actually feel the necessity of the mutual connections, the necessity to rise above instinctive behavior, instinctive reactions to make those connections possible.

Even then this would remain impossible it’s we couldn’t recruit, harness Nature’s evolutionary force that drives general development.

It is this force that can elevate us above our inherent self, allowing us to act, develop in a different, qualitatively higher way. This is not mysticism, it is not science fiction.

Nature and its evolution is lawful, deterministic. By aiming to align ourselves to its flow, accepting on ourselves its laws of integrality, we are as if “turning our sails” in the right direction.

The moment we want to develop like Nature’s evolution wants us to, this Natural force becomes our partner - more precisely we become is partners consciously, methodically.

This means becoming “truly Human”, a conscious being that can act above blind instincts, being similar to Nature.