True, sustainable change require the right preparation, education

Opinion from the Internet about reducing our consumption in society:

“We can say to ourselves what to do. The main value for contemporary humans is the survival of Human Species on a cosmic scale. This means to start today using 10 times less energy as before. Every human on Earth has energy norm, which can be purchased and sold, but can’t be tresspassed. Let us abandon false and illusionary declarations about human rights for unrestricted spending, restrict these rights with the most important imperative for contemporary Homo sapiens - the survival of Human species on this Earth.”

I fully agree with you that the main problem threatening Human existence is our excessive consumption. Our “footprint” is a much bigger, much more realistic problem than the actual number of Human population.

We could easily cater for the basic necessities for billions of more people if we lived within the optimal parameters of healthy, modern, natural necessities and available resources that are distributed in a fair, equal manner.

But we have a few, great, seemingly unsurmountable problems with how to implement this: as our inherent nature, program drives us towards excessive consumption, ruthless competition, we have no actual idea about natural necessities and available resources, and Humans never accept changes, limitations that are forced on them.

Thus we need to make the crucial, fundamental changes in our lives - our collective survival depends on - desirable, logical, people would take in, follow voluntarily.

And that is possible only through a very unique educational method.

We need to help people understand and actually feel - without coercion, without misleading propaganda - that in the globally integrated, fully interdependent world we evolved into the state, fate of the individual irrevocably depends on, is tied to the state, fate of the whole collective.

We need to change ourselves to reach a certain of similarity with Nature’s integral system in order to understand that Natural laws that sustain balance and homeostasis, and to see, feel what true natural necessities and Nature’s available resources are.

We have such a unique, purposeful and practical educational method which can achieve this desirable state, understanding.

Of course this ideal understanding, agreement is not going to unfold all at once and it will not happen with all 8 billion people at the same time. But if we get a healthy minority, a so called “critical mass (about 15–20% of any actual society, population)” agreeing to the changes from the understanding, emotional impressions they receive from the scientific educational method, they can initiate and lead the true, positive and non-violent revolution in Human development.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.