Trapped in our Egocentric, Subjective Caves

Trapped in Ourselves

More and more people realize that our acquisition of knowledge has stopped, our sciences are in crisis — they became theoretical, philosophical, groping in the dark. As a result, our societies are plunged into darkness, operating by “fake news”, makeshift, gut instincts decisions, “experts” are biased and only serve their paymasters without any actual, scientific basis for the “proof”.

Pressed into a corner by Evolution

Until now we somehow managed to exist in our caves, on arbitrary agreements in between people, accepting certain artificial Human laws, principles inside an unnatural Human bubble. But now we have arrived at the stage in our Human development, where Nature’s evolution demands from us to “come out” to the real world and start existing in Nature’s system according to Nature’s laws, principles — otherwise the evolutionary direction, its relentless engine will crash us with our system.

Peeking into the “Real World” — together

We are standing at unprecedented, crucial crossroads, we can finally take our fate into our own hands and continue developing consciously, following Nature’s blueprint, the direction evolution determined for us.