Today’s leaders can’t prevent WW3, only normal people — through a unique education — can

Question from the Internet:

“Is WW3 going to happen (inevitable?) or am I wrong for thinking that it will not happen since our world and leaders are more educated that they will not do such a thing?”

The education of leaders has nothing to do with this. We could even argue that leaders from previous generations had better, much deeper education than most leaders today, still, they all ended up with devastating wars.

Moreover, I do not think it will depend on the leaders if we have WW3 or not. If it depends only on them then WW3 is indeed inevitable.

Human history so far has been a completely blind, instinctive process that has been easily predictable. We keep building civilizations one after the other, each built on the ruin of the previous one, only to repeat the same mistakes, crimes, and self-destruct at the end.

Now we are repeating almost like a carbon copy what happened in the 1930s, 1940s, sinking into an unsolvable, all-encompassing socio-economic crisis, until the leaders will have no other option but to initiate the only historic “solution” they: war.

Our fate depends on people who are not involved in leadership, who are not tied like the “leader puppets” swearing allegiance to multiple competing interests, power groups, lobbies, all wanting to keep, retake, assert control.

Our fate depends on a small, but qualitatively superior “critical mass”, that can initiate a conscious, proactive change in Human development while the masses — together with the leaders — continue to passively sink into the crisis towards war.

If such a “critical mass” can recognize the root cause of our Human disease — our “cancer-like”, egotistic, selfish, exploitative, excessively consuming nature — and use the necessary, purposeful and practical educational method for self-correctio, self-upgrade, they will be able to pull Humanity out of this death-spiral we are already engaged in.