Today’s crisis, revealing our inherent incompatibility with Nature is a joyous occasion, leading to our “truly Human” development!

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readJul 30, 2020


Question from the Internet:

“We are literally aliens on a planet in the middle of space. I constantly think of how weird everything is. How does this all seem so normal to everyone else?”

I think today more and more people feel as if we were aliens on this planet, as our previous systems, ideologies, solutions are all slipping through our fingers, as if all the laws have changed.

But in truth we are neither aliens, nor have the laws changed.

It is our incessantly intensifying self-serving, self-justifying and exploitative nature that has reached such a threshold, saturation, where we became completely incompatible with the unchanging Natural laws sustaining balance and homeostasis.

As a result we have become like a “foreign body” in Nature’s fully integrated, otherwise balanced system. And now Nature is forcing us towards compatibility with its laws through multiple, different events.

We are born from the Natural system but without the instinctive sense of belonging, we are not part of Nature’s “circle of life” from our egocentric, subjective viewpoint. This is why we feel like aliens and want to rule over a “hostile planet” we don’t understand, we are constantly in war with.

This was purposeful from Nature’s Evolution to give us such an opposite, “outsider” starting point.

Evolution is progressing from very basic lifeforms towards increasingly more complex ones, until the process of development reached Humans.

Before Humans appeared, the system was complete, perfectly balanced, ticking like a clockwork, automatically progressing towards a final goal: the full integration of a highly complex, diverse system.

But one thing has been missing all along: the independent, aware consciousness that can observe, attain and justify the system’s developmental plan, and its utter perfection.

This consciousness is assigned to us, Humans.

And this unprecedented ability to become the independent, objective witnesses, observers of Nature requires a very special duality.

If we were like all other animals, instinctively integrated into the system, we wouldn’t be able to observe the system independently, objectively with full awareness. Animals take the system “for granted”, obeying its laws of integration blindly.

If we remained “outsiders” as we are now, we would have the independent viewpoint of Nature, but we would never be able to actually study the system, understands it without similarity, integration with the system. This is why our sciences are only scratching the surface, stagnating now, as we can’t penetrate the system due to our complete opposition, incompatibility with it.

This is why we have to learn - through a very special, purposeful and highly practical method, how to become similar to Nature’s system - how to copy onto ourselves Nature’s fundamental qualities of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love of others - above and against our inherent nature, without suppressing, erasing that nature.

Then within the evolving duality, contrast we will become able to fulfill our evolutionary Human purpose, attaining Nature’s system through comparative research between our original selfish, subjective consciousness, viewpoint and the acquired selfless, objective, Natural viewpoint.

Today’s enormous crisis, which threatens our existence on this planet is the start, an actually “joyous” occasion, as it forces us to start rising above our self-destructive inherent qualities, program and initiate the last, this time conscious phase of Human evolution towards the above mentioned duality.

We are in the most important transition in Human history, in a true revolution of consciousness and perception of reality.

The recognition of our self-destructive nature, the need for fundamental changes is unpleasant on one hand, on the other hand without is we wouldn’t be able to initiate this “Human revolution”, changing ourselves, aligning ourselves with Nature’s evolution purposefully, methodically, in full awareness.

As a result the “aliens” can finally make this planet their home, becoming one with it, benevolently guarding, governing it!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.