Today is Earth Day and We Are Connecting As One The Human Soul with Mother Nature

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readApr 22, 2020


A new story from my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

There is a very good reason to celebrate today's International Earth Day. Why?
Because the first time in modern history that “Nature is Talking” and humanity has a great opportunity to study Nature’s language.

What is Nature’s Language? This is a special language of “root and branch” that can be studied through Integral Education (ref. to my previous articles).

If we will just depict/imagine that “the earth is like a human body” and “air is like the human soul” — we will get a perfect connection system with Nature, while water, is the main natural resource that gives humanity our lives to the physical body and spiritual soul.

Let's take a Moment and extend together a Big Thank you & Gratitude to Mother Nature for sharing with us the Light of Sunshine !!!
When we are joyful and cheerful — we are smiling, because we get fulfillment for our desires, both for basic ones and for extras also.

However today, and especially today during Corona times, humanity is experiencing a Life-Threatening Global Crisis that may impact humanity if we will not awake ourselves and others to obey and follow strictly Nature’s Laws and change/transform our habits.

As all of us aware, “Habit Becomes Second Nature” — it’s correct, but today is perfect timing to change our habits through C4G/
“Connecting For Good”. Sharing my personal opinion, and I hope that you may/will agree with me, at least partially, our economical relations must change based on the model of physical isolation (expected for a significant while ?) and Social Distancing.

“The Benefits of the New Economy” are starting to become pretty much as a common Global Trend of acknowledging the change.

So what is the main concept of the New Global Economy (my summary of key points from the internet, news, and social media):

1. We are in a Brand New World, means we are integrated, interconnected and interrelated as One body sharing One Soul (Adam)
2. The old times are here — we will concentrate and “adjust our desire to receive” to basic needs and learn to share available extras
3. Natural resources > no need to deplete unnecessary resources (i.e. oil usage and prices dropped dramatically> flights stopped
4. Food supply chain — is the most important Global top priority to maintain and make sure that everybody has basics/food to eat
5. Global Job market — reduce work time from full-day (typical x8 hours of work + travel ) to half-day, and preferably work from home

6. Work-life balance- reach a 50/50 time balance between work and family- invest in Integral Education of others and yourself
7. Global economy — help and participate in sharing/spreading the awareness to reduce usage/consumption for optimal economy
8. Plan ahead your $ budget — buy only what you need and leave the extras for others (they might need it more than yourself)
9. Volunteer — take advantage of your extra time to help others in your community and who needs help — it is an appreciated deed
10. Remind yourself, your family, and friends daily what is the “Importance of The Goal” — Thank Nature for the air, water & beauty !!!

10 is a significant number, stretching from the Holy Bible of The “Ten Commandments” and will continue until balance with Nature.

Summarizing The “Ten Key Points for Humanity’s Bright Future”-let's sing together the song “ The Shadow of Your Smile”. Enjoy !!!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.