To really change the world, first we have to change ourselves

Question from the Internet:

“How do you change the world? Really change it. I mean big history book worthy Martin Luther King type change.”

With all due respect the changes your refer to didn’t really change the world. We can perhaps call them adjustments but not real changes.

Humanity has been developing for millennia driven by the same engine: our completely self-serving, self-justifying, egocent, exploitative ego.

This is why we are stumbling from one helpless, vicious historic cycle to another, when after the inevitable civilization-ending explosion we start rebuilding, only to run into the same dead-end, explosion again.

We are on the brink of our own civilization-ending explosion.

We still haven’t identified the root cause of this desperate human struggle and without the right diagnosis we can’t change the world for the better.

Truly changing the world is only possible by changing ourselves, recognizing, “arresting” the destructive, cancer-like ego inside each of us, and methodically learning how to use, harness the ego — which we can’t suppress or erase — correctly, for positive, constructive, collective goals, purpose.

Only then can we rebuild Human society on better, “nature-like", mutually integrated foundations, giving us unprecedented problem solving ability and a qualitatively much higher, collective sense of existence.