Through mutual Human interconnections to the “secret of life.”

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readSep 4, 2023


Question from the Internet:

“How does human connection give us a key to the secret of life?”

Nature’s system is a perfect, finely balanced, and mutually integrated system. This perfect natural system creates, nurtures, and develops life.

Anybody who studies nature marvels at its seemingly “magical ability” to create the beautiful diversity and mutually complementing cooperation we can observe at all levels — for example, in our own biological bodies.

On the other hand, despite our millennia-long attempts at researching and understanding nature, we still have no idea how nature actually creates and sustains life. We still do not know if the natural system and its evolution have any purpose, direction, or final goal. Moreover, we also have no idea about our own place and purpose in this system. We do not know how and why we are different from other animals and what the purpose of our uniqueness in nature is.

As many wise people have already noted, in order to get to know and understand something, we need to develop similar qualities and at least a certain equivalence of that something we would like to research and understand.

This means that if we truly wanted to “penetrate” nature’s system in order to understand its evolutionary plan and all the cause-and-effect processes that drive the creation and development of life “behind the scenes,” we would need to become similar to the system to a certain extent.

Human research, sciences, and our whole development are based on the excellence of the individual. We worship great heroes, great inventors, and scientists. We believe history is driven by the unique individuals who become either the heroes or the villains of the stories.

Today — when everything is becoming global and integrated — we started to understand that our individual approach to existence and everything involved in it has been a mistake. We have totally misinterpreted even history since history is about waves, cycles, and monumental events, where “individuals” are simply actors who happen to be at the “right place at the right time.”

And the flow of history and development — which has been a completely blind and instinctive process so far — would have been exactly the same with different actors or local events.

Nature is a collective and fully integrated system. There is no individual approach to nature. And since we cannot study and understand nature individually, we have absolutely no chance or hope to understand the “secret of life” as long as we all want to know and understand it on our own, especially as long as we still try to do everything at each other’s expense.

In order to come closer to nature’s system in order to develop increasing similarity with nature’s qualities, we will need to build nature-like, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing integration and cooperation between people.

This does not mean the usual “teamwork” where each is in to pursue their very clearly selfish and egoistic goals and success. Moreover, even when people selflessly build a unique “commando” or “commune” for the “greater good,” as long as that “greater good” is still selfish, based on humanity’s misguided and unnatural goals and aspirations, we still remain incompatible with nature and have no chance of understanding its operations.

“Nature-like” mutual integration means a totally selfless and unconditional mutual service of one another with the aim of reaching equivalence with nature’s finely balanced and mutually integrated system in order to complement, partner, and serve the system.

Only then will we gain access to nature’s “inner working,” seeing, feeling, and experiencing all the cause-and-effect processes that create and nurture life. We will feel these processes through our own “life-creating” and “life-developing” mutual connections with each other.

Our Human uniqueness is that we have to develop this “nature-like” existence and behavior consciously, willingly, and purposefully. Thus, even after integrating into nature, we will retain a unique contrast between our original, selfish, egoistic, and individualistic viewpoint and the new, selfless, altruistic, and collective viewpoint we developed.

Based on this uniquely Human contrast and awareness, will we develop the unprecedented “collective Human consciousness” — based on our multiple, uniquely different, and diverse viewpoints of the same perfect natural system — that will provide the ability to observe and attain nature’s infinite and boundless system and to understand the over purpose and secret of life.

This is something we can not only attain, here and now, purposefully and methodically, but it is also what nature’s evolution obligates us to achieve since generating and enjoying all the above is the only reason we were born into this world as “human beings.”



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.