This time everything is different

Question from the Internet:

“Learning, building global integration in order to survive sounds great, but how were you planning on getting the stock market and money laundering oligarchs involved? That upper crust of society won’t stoop down to be part of the solution!”

You are right, this is an interesting question as all through history such people always managed to “transplant” themselves into the next system, civilization.

This is different in our times. Our whole human system is collapsing as we reached a completely new evolutionary direction, that is based on completely different qualities, aspirations, values. Nature’s evolution is now demanding from us to become compatible with its system and evolutionary direction towards total integration.

Thus from the previous and present selfish, egoistic, hateful, and exploitative modus operandi, we have to switch to a nature-like lifestyle in mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, integration.

These oligarchs are exactly the same as people running around the deck of the sinking Titanic, collecting the valuables while within a few minutes they will sink with the rest of the ship.

Nobody can avoid, escape the coming changes, humanity has to change to become compatible with nature whether we want it or not.