There is nothing wrong with the Ego!

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readJul 21, 2020


Opinion from the Internet about using the word “ego” in describing our inherent nature:

“I have a suggestion, and that is that you eliminate the word ego from your vocabulary.
In order to influence people, the most important concept is reciprocity. Listen, put yourself in their shoes, then tell them what is good about them.
Then you will, with sufficient patience, begin to influence them.
I would like to see a one page summary of your writing without once using the word ego and come away with the feeling that you understand me.”

Ok, I take your advice, I agree with you that in general the expression of “ego” is used in a very negative context in our world, after all religions call our inherent nature a “sin”, “evil”.

So I will try to find a way of describing what I mean by it differently.

The way I look at this notion is not negative at all.

Our desire for self-fulfillment - even if by default we use it in a selfish, subjective way - is neither good or bad.

First of all it cannot be “evil” or “sinful” since we are born like this without free choice. Moreover Nature’s evolution has a very specific reason why we are born with this nature/program, as only against it, in contrast to it do we have a chance to become free, independent, holding two opposite forces, like two reins in our hands.

This is why we can’t suppress, erase this inherent selfish inclination in us, after all all this is “who we are”, without it we wouldn’t exist. There is nothing wrong in enjoying whatever we are enjoying.

What evolution expects from us if to build a higher awareness above the instinctive one, and to learn how to channel, harness the insatiable desires in us towards the sake of the whole system, towards everyone sake, well-being instead of enjoying only for our own sake.

Anybody who has children, who serves others in any way through work, thus sensing the fulfillment of others through that service knows, that the feeling of joy, contentment we feel when fulfilling others, giving them happiness is greater, it is in a completely different dimension compared to direct, selfish fullfilment.

With the present, all-encompassing crisis Nature’s evolution is forcing us towards this higher, much greater joy, fulfillment we will gain by mutually working, existing for each other’s sake. We will benefit (more than) twice.

While others will perfectly fulfill everything we need thus our natural necessities will be cared for, we will receive the qualitatively much higher joy, sense of perfection by fulfilling others! A true win-win situation!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.