There is no sovereignty in a global world!

Question from the Internet:

“Does the Brexit deal give the U.K. real sovereignty?”

There is no sovereignty, freedom in a globally integrated, interdependent world. The UK gives up obligations towards Europe, but in order to survive has to find other, different obligations with other nations, alliances.

The laws of closed, living, integral, Natural systems start to bite.

Individual after individual, nation after nation will realize — usually the hard way as we keep blindly following our selfish, subjective, self-serving intellect — that whether we want or not, we are locked into a closed network, and we can’t survive without mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation with each other.

At this stage we still try to manipulate, exploit the inevitable network of interconections between us, trying to succeed, survive at each other’s expense while accumulating excessive profit, resources for ourselves.

But this cancer-like behaviour, attitude will continue to push us towards the brink of self-destruction.

With or without our consent Nature will force us into mutual integration — otherwise Humanity can’t survive in Nature’s fully integrated system. We will integrate at the end, either pushed by intolerable suffering, or consciously recognizing this necessity and adapting ourselves proactively, methodically.