There is no “ego-free" society, but we can learn how to use the ego

Question from the Internet:

An “ego-free" society doesn’t exist.

We are born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying ego that thrives at ruthless competition, succeeding against others. This is our engine of growth, the engine of development.

The Human ego is the only difference between other developed primates — that remained virtually unchanged through millions of years — and Humanity that evolved at breakneck speed, especially in recent centuries, decades.

But we can build, develop a Human society where the inherently unchecked, rampant ego is neutralized, harnessed, channeled by a so far dormant, opposite, selfless, altruistic, Natural inclination, intention which we can methodically awaken in us.

This is the only way we can stop our present self-destructive development, only by building mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections above and against the ever present, intensifying ego can we solve the mounting global problems and safeguard our collective survival.

So everything starts with a unique, purposeful and highly practically educational method that can teach us how to handle, neutralize, complement the ego, learning to “ride it", instead of being it’s slave.