There is no biological solution to the pandemic — only a Human solution

Question from the Internet:

“COVID-19 is one of the current problems that the world is experiencing. It is an indictment of different people in different ways. How do you think biology can be used to solve this problem?”

There is no biological solution for the virus as the underlying problem is not biological but Human.

I am not saying that the virus was intentionally manufactured, it is irrelevant. The virus is a negative response from Nature on the biological level due to the “Human-level” in Nature acting like cancer.

The problem is our totally unnatural, excessively overconsuming, ruthlessly competitive behavior, lifestyle as we succeed and survive at each other’s and Nature’s expense.

What we keep ignoring is that Humanity is but a single species in Nature’s vast, infinitely more powerful system, which system is governed by strict, unforgiving laws. And in our generation, the harmful Human activity crossed a critical threshold initiating an increasingly negative rejection from Nature which will throw us out as an unwanted foreign body, unless we change.

The only solution to the pandemic and all other global problems that increasingly threaten our health, survival, existence is to consciously, methodically make Humanity — global, Human society — compatible with Nature laws and systems.

And it is by this conscious, methodical self-change that we reach our “truly Human” level in evolution, becoming Nature’s conscious, “insider observers”, partners by becoming similar to it through our own efforts.