“The Yellow Submarine — Elevating Humanity from Concealment to Revelation”

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 8, 2020


A new story from my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

Just imagine that a “ Yellow Submarine (recall the Beatles’ song from ~ 1968 ?) dived into the Ocean on January 31, 2020, and surfaced on March 11, 2020 night — right into WHO’s announcement on Corona”?

I heard that it is a common practice after completion of a mission, that the submarine Crew will exit from the submarine during the night/just before the dawn (in the dark — in order to protect the eyes of the crew
from sudden exposure to sunshine). The majority of people are sleeping during nights and awakening after the dawn
(the roosters are the first ones to respond and remind us that the daylight is here and time to wake up for a new day.

From March 12, 2020, until these days — Humanity experienced a “Brand New World and a New Global Virtual Reality” —
that modern humans haven’t seen in our lifetime — magnificently Managed by Nature as a “wake up call/alert for us” ?!

What will be the impact of this “Integrated Global Change” — we will see and experience very soon — but one thing seems to become more visible and clear — that our daily life is changed and a result of this — we have to change our mindset and adopt and adapt to this “brand new world”. I believe that is better to be pro-active — means, study, and understand Nature’s behavior.

We can compare in a few bullet points to demonstrate the similarity of the “Crew in the Submarine” to “Humanity within Nature”
since the Corona outbreak, for example, the commonly shared and the different conclusions, feelings, and experiences of all of us.

Being on a mission in a submarine — seems to be a very tough mission for any individual and group of people. The “hard skills” i.e. physical fitness, technical capabilities … are basic requirements tested prior to becoming a candidate for a submarine crew member.

However, the “spirit and the soft skills” i.e. friendship, consideration of the other, mutual help and mutual responsibility, real-time emergency preparedness and response and consciously readiness to put your own life in the front line to save the live’s of others —
this is a “built-in program” in your personality that you born with — and is much more important (at least from my point of view),

So How come/happened that Mother Nature knocked out/down the whole world with a tiny invisible virus that paralyzed our life?

Seems to me, that if the world/countries would have more open borders with each other, more lean/organized/efficient, more considerable and attentive to the needs of each other — “Global Well Coordinated and Balanced Supply Chain” would save a lot of life’s of people, especially the weak and vulnerable ones, who can not protect themselves and remain as/in last Social Priority ?!

While analyzing the strength and durability of any process in The Global Supply Chain or System, the weakest point determines the strength of this system and typically in any product, The Design and Quality Engineering Teams have to calculate and make sure that the back system is available and functional to address extreme/emergency situations (standby redundancy in Reliability).

If we agree/accept that after Corona “The World’s Humanity Became One Global Integrated and Interdependent Customer/Client” — we may conclude that only “One integrated Global Management System with the full cooperation of all countries will save Humanity”.

Nature already taught us a Rough lesson via Corona — and our destiny and lives on this planet are only in our hands and our readiness to change our mindset, behavior, and relations toward each other — from “My Comfort Zone” to “Our Concern to Other”.
You may call it by any term or definition, but the “Only One Connected Action is Acceptable by Nature”> from “Me to We to One”.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.