The World Needs Change: #covidexplained how to make it

The United Nations (UN) acknowledged that the Corona Virus become the biggest challenge and Global Crisis for humanity since World War II.

The figures for new Corona cases continue to climb to incredible numbers far beyond our imagination.

The pain for each individual and all humanity is real and tangible everywhere and the thoughts and support for each other are felt and needed right now more than ever.

Even though the majority of the people in the world are in isolation/closure/state of emergency at their homes, we will not rest until we will unite our efforts and work to improve our connections to please/satisfy Mother Nature.

We can ask, beg, cry and pray as individuals — but we should be aware, that only a commonly shared effort and work together toward the benefit of humanity — will reach an optimal balance with Nature like a “request of the many”.

Nature is a closed system, has his own rules/laws and more details can be found also for example on #covidexplained