The Wind Playing On David’s harp — The Perfect Perception Of Reality

The Universal acceptance of David’s Psalms

Interestingly David’s Psalms are universally accepted, most people read them, quote them, pray with them, transcending all usual differences between religions, faith systems.

It is not surprising. David’s prayers represent the “perfect, complete” prayer anguish, desperate “life or death” request and absolute, perfect salvation, gratitude at the same time.

These two extreme contrasts, opposites exist together, at the “same place and the same time” in the Psalms as David’s harp “plays by itself”.

“Prayer” — Self-Judgement

These two extreme opposites sensed, perceived at the same time is incomprehensible for us by default.

Through our inherently egocentric, subjective perception, consciousness we can sense, experience only one kind of a state, either it is good, or it is bad for us. We are either cursing, regretting the situation we are in or we are happy, praising our actual state.

The notion of “prayer” according to its Hebrew origin means “judging oneself”. This means that we are scrutinizing, judging our actual, less than ideal state compared to a desired, higher, more optimal state. And if we find the gap, difference intolerable and at the same time insurmountable, we “pray”.

In truth we don’t even need words, external expressions. The actual sense of this painfully impossible but absolutely necessary self-improvement, self-upgrade is the “prayer” by itself.

The Actual, And The Desired State

Of course, in order to measure ourselves, judge ourselves we need an absolute standard to measure against.

Today we are all realizing and most people are accepting that our actual state, the perpetual crisis Humanity is in, the reason behind history helplessly recurring vicious cycles is our inherently selfish, egotistic and subjective nature, our individualism, survival at the expense of others.

This gives us a reason for “prayer”, despair, especially as we can see that seemingly inevitably we are sleepwalking towards a global catastrophe — that could start from multiple different trigger points from anywhere in the world — like alcoholics, drug addicts (being addicted to our egos) who simply cannot stop even if their lives depended on it. Still, we do not know what absolute standard we need to measure ourselves against, in what way, how we should imagine our perfect, optimal state.

Unique, original empirical, Natural scientists — Kabbalists like King David himself — explain that it is Nature’s perfectly balanced and governed system that should provide this absolute standard for us. They say that we should and can acquire a unique upgrade, in addition to our inherently selfish, egotistic, self-destructive program, that makes us resemble “like Nature”.

Developing A Dual Perception Of Reality

With the special, purposeful, and practical method they prepared for us we can — above and in contrast to our inherent program — clothe into Nature’s “godly qualities” of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service of others. With that upgrade, we would become able to build the crucial mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation that would make us similar to Nature, facilitating unprecedented problem solving, and safeguarding our collective survival.

This unique Natural upgrade would not erase our inherent program but would balance, complement it, providing us with a never before experienced duality, double perception.

This special developmental process unfolds in a closed, methodically organized small environment, where people relentlessly, mutually act out, play the perfect state in between them (aiming at the selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving mutual connections between them)— while still sensing themselves as anybody else, through their selfish, hateful egos, trying to run away, find any excuse to disrupt, disqualify the process.

As a result, they generate a “prayer” — the seemingly unbridgeable gap between actual and desired — as they feel they can't escape their egotistic resistance and they would forever remain as they were born. If this gap becomes intolerable as a result of their efforts, they can activate a previously dormant, unsensed “second nature”, the above-mentioned similarity to Nature, which makes their unique “supernatural” (above their instinctive nature) connection possible.

Sensing Nature’s Perfect Melody

This newly acquired duality is unprecedented and initially extremely difficult to stabilize, verify, make sense of. It is as if there is no “cause and effect” link between the two perceptions, two realities — between the egotistic rejections, chaos, destruction and the Natural perfection, harmony, integration all seemingly incompatible elements, people beautifully complimenting one another.

This is when we arrive to David's harp. The strings have to be firmly attached at both ends, and they need to be perfectly tuned in order to play a melody on them. These unique “strings”, the members of the Kabbalistic group, have to stabilize themselves on bot end of the dual perception — being fully aware of their actual state, actual reason and emotions through their egos; and they also have to fully commit themselves to constantly acting, behaving, existing as if they were already living inside Nature’s perfect reality, fully integrated into it through integrating with each other.

Then slowly, gradually, as a result of the achieved similarity with nature’s “godly qualities” against, above their inherent nature they will start to hear the “melody”, Nature’s utterly perfect “circle of life” streaming through them, enlivening them. Then they will feel themselves like David, on one hand in constant, desperate, heartbreaking prayer for perfection from within their egotistic state, while also in absolute, perfect joy, fulfillment, and total gratitude while Nature’s life-giving force is flowing through them, making them act like Nature, in selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service towards others.

We can all become like David, David’s harp — Nature playing on our strings its perfect melody — through the unique method of Kabbalah in the right, purposeful environment. This is our evolutionary, Human purpose in life.



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