The values and norms of society

Question from the Internet:

“Who determines values and norms of a society? Is it us or is it a myth that we all want to believe in and practice?”

It is usually a stronger, dominating minority that determines the values and norms of society which then — in a good case — the passive majority consents. If they determine the values and norms against the will of the masses, or they corrupt, distort what was agreed upon before, the masses sooner or later revolt and then the process starts again.

This is the template of our helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, as the dominating minority always misleads the masses or sooner or later succumb to the temptation of power and corrupt, distort the agreed-upon system, like we see today with democracy and the original free-market capitalism for example.

And other social constructs like communism for example mislead people from the start, luring them into a construct that is against the inherently selfish, egotistic, and exploitative human nature.

Because of this inherent subjective, egoistic, exploitative, and individualistic human nature humanity has absolutely no chance of building a human society that has the right foundations, values, and norms.

This is in order to solve this Gordian Knot and somehow build a better, sustainable, more equal, and peaceful human society, we need to abandon all our arbitrary, self-destructive philosophies, ideologies, religions, and systems and start adapting ourselves to Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent template.

The fact that human beings are capable of such adaptation, consciously, methodically rising above their own nature to become compatible with Nature justifies us being “truly Human” — a creature that can become similar to Nature above and against its own instinctive program, attaining reality between two completely opposite qualities, systems, force-fields.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.