The Universe exists only for us

Question from the Internet:

“How do people live a normal life knowing the universe means absolutely nothing?”

Most people could not care less more about the Universe. They are immersed in a very basic, day to day survival, simply trying to fulfill their instinctive and social desires comprised of food, sex, family, wealth, power, and knowledge. And they can’t change, do not even notice that right now we are sleepwalking towards our doom.

Only a small minority looks beyond such basic fulfillment, trying to find an overall meaning, purpose in life, trying to place us, as “truly Human beings” into the big picture.

This minority will have to become the special pioneers, who — by identifying Nature’s evolutionary plan and our own predetermined place in it — can lead Humanity out of this bling, instinctive, crisis, and suffering filled existence towards a qualitative mich higher, conscious, a collective one.

Then we will all understand what the Universe, life in general actually means, how and why everything came to life. The Universe is actually our “cosmic school” where we can find ourselves, fulfilling our truly Human potential.