The unique educational method that can help us “catch up” with Nature

Helplessly in crisis

As Humanity is helplessly sinking into a global crisis which engulfs all our activities and leaders, experts together with laypeople all show desperate helplessness in finding a solution, we will need a very special educational method to understand why we are in crisis and how we could overcome it.

The purposefully outsider Humans

Humans are unique in Nature as we do not automatically integrate into Nature, we do not instinctively follow Nature’s laws of integration, balance, but we follow an egotistic, subjective, individualistic path of development, excessively consuming beyond our true needs while exclusively competing against one another, succeeding, surviving at each others’ expense and at Nature’s expense.

The methodical recognition of the Ego

The special “educational method” first explains to us how Nature’s system operates, what laws sustain the balance and homeostasis that makes life and positive development possible in the system.

The Natural Upgrade

This dormant “software upgrade” we activate is the natural upgrade that is able to balance the ego, giving us the ability to harness, channel the ego’s power towards positive, mutual, constructive action, goals. As a result, we can progress with balancing the two opposite forces in Nature represented by our own ego and the “natural upgrade” we hold in our hands like 2 reins. We also acquire a very unique, independent, objective observer status, in the contrast within the duality we achieved.