The ultimate goal of human unity, integration

Question from the Internet:

“If humanity worked together without war or division, what do you think our ultimate goal would be?”

Our primary goal needs to be securing our collective survival.

I think that it is becoming clearer each day, how in the globally integrated, interdependent world we evolved into problem-solving and collective survival (and in a global, integral world there is no individual or national survival independent of others) depends on building positive, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation.

The pandemic very sharply proved it to us, seeing how desperately helpless and ineffective we are when we all only think about ourselves when there is no global coordination when the vaccine also becomes the source of ruthless competition, political games, discrimination.

Establishing such positive global cooperation, unity is not simple, since we will have to achieve it above all our differences, despite the deep, instinctive distrust, animosity, separation between individuals and nations. But we have no choice. There is no survival in any other way in nature’s infinitely greater, stronger, fully integrated system.

When we succeeded in building the global human network that works, functions like cells organs of our biological body, then we will realize that our global unity, mutual integration has a much higher purpose than “simple physical survival”. As a result of building integration, cooperating human “super-organism” that integrates into and becomes compatible with nature, we develop an unprecedented, higher, collective consciousness, intellect through which we can research, understand, attain Nature’s perfect system from within, becoming the system only conscious partners, independent observers.

This is the actual purpose of our human existence.