The turning point in Human history is upon us

Question from the Internet:

“It seems to me that generations in history have done what needed to be done or achieve. As a human being, do you think we have more road to go?”

Not only there is more road to go, we have to consider as if we only started the road!

So far Human evolution had been a blind, instinctive affair, everybody - individuals, nations - automatically following, executing their inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and exploitative nature. As a result Human history is an endless chain of helplessly recurring, vicious cycles.

We keep building civilizations on the ruins of the previous one with great hopes, “better” ideologies, philosophies and system, only to repeat the same mistakes, crimes ending in a civilization ending disaster, explosion.

Our own generation has also reached the inevitable dead-end, waiting for that “liberating” explosion, which could actually wipe us all out.
Thus we urgently need to learn why and what we need to change so we can transfer from the blind, instinctive development to a conscious, purposeful one.

We need to understand Natural evolution’s plan and our own predetermined role in it, so we could know how to upgrade, adjust our nature so we will dynamically, consciously flow with Nature’s positive development instead of fighting against it, remaining completely incompatible with it.