The top priority in our communities

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readOct 25, 2022

Question from the Internet:

“What could be your top concern among priority issues in the community? (about health) Write down your top priority and your last priority.”

Life is about interconnections and optimal communication and cooperation between interconnected parts. This is how Nature is built; this is what Nature’s fundamental laws guide and sustain the general balance and homeostasis that life depends on.

Since humanity is an integral part of Nature, the same laws also apply to us.

Everything in human society — health, security, happiness, prosperity and survival — depends on how we interconnect and cooperate.

Thus the top priority, the single most important thing we all need to learn and implement, is the right way to connect to each other and co-exist.

We have to learn this willingly, consciously and methodically since, by default, we relate to each other through our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective and individualistic nature. By default, we all see in others a “prey” we want to control, manipulate and exploit for our own purposes.

This is why human society, even our families, looks and behaves the way we do in our “modern” societies.

Our problem-solving ability and continuing survival solely depend on learning how to build “Nature-like” mutual integration and mutually complementing cooperation between individuals and nations. And suppose “Nature” in general is too wide and difficult to grasp. In that case, we can look at our own biological bodies and follow the example of how our cells and organs co-exist and cooperate in order to create and sustain life and give birth to the consciousness we feel as our own.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.