The tools for rebuilding after the pandemic

Many people feel that Humanity will need an unprecedented rebuilding after the Coronavirus pandemic, as the restrictions will deepen, worsen the already brewing socio-economic crisis that will engulf all aspects of Human activity in the coming weeks, months.

What tools can we use for this rebuilding?!

This truly the question of our time, when we find ourselves at a unique turning point of history!

One question is easy to answer: no, our old tools will not work. They never actually worked but we made ourselves believe they did. Until now we kept on changing Human society again and again, with different governing, economic, social systems, and their combinations.

Even until very recently, people were still trying to change governments, leaders, voting for anybody from comedians to businessmen — out of the usual establishment — in the hope that different people, different faces will bring different results.

But it can’t.

The Problem Is Not With The System, But With The User

The problem is not with the actual people, not even with their harmful, self-serving political parties that have become true obstacles for democracy in every country. It does not matter we go left or right, or we try the middle, it does not matter if we are seemingly democratic or we are in an authoritarian regime, and it also does not matter if we are religious or not.

Everything that we have built so far was built by, on the basis of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic nature which drives each and every Human being towards excessive consumption, ruthless, exclusive competition, succeeds and survival at the expense of others and at the expense of Nature.

The completely inadequate, uncoordinated, contradictory response from individuals and nations to the pandemic provided the final proof. With these reactions, we made the crisis — a relatively mild plague — much worse than it should have been. And all these individualistic, nationalist reactions came already after we were seemingly understanding that we evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world where we should be cooperating, communicating in a mutually responsible, mutually complementing manner!

But we simply can’t as it does not matter what we say, our “heart does not match our mouth”, we say one thing and act in a different way. We say we live in a global world and we still act selfishly, only for ourselves against others.

Education, Mutual Connection, Nature’s Template

What tools can we use?!

First of all, we need a unique, purposeful, and practical education published all around the world. We need to learn and not only learn but feel what it means that our lives depend on everybody else, that we are directly, absolutely responsible for one another. As much as I can get a deadly virus from another, and I can also spread this deadly virus to everybody else, I can also cause irreversible harm by selfishly acting in any other way, by continuing to make calculations only for myself — as by this I act as an infective virus or cancer.

Only when we change how we relate to each other as a result of the proper education and we directly feel this mutual dependency and responsibility in the uniquely organized, methodical environments where the educational process would unfold, can we start rebuilding Human society on different foundations, starting with the necessary interconnections, cooperation.

We need to use Nature’s perfect template as a blueprint on how to build a Human system that stays within the optimal parameters of modern, healthy, natural necessities, and available resources. And only the proper mutual integration between Humans can make us similar to Nature, which similarity, in turn, we give us access to Nature’s blueprints, resources in a way we could never access them before.

Thus our collective, global, Human survival depends on abandoning our previous tools and start rebuilding with the help of “Nature’s tools” we will obtain by becoming similar to Nature through our purposeful, methodically learned Human interconnections, cooperation.



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