The strongest energy source: Human connection

The most effective, affordable, profitable, and strongest energy source for Humanity is the positive, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections between Human beings.

And since those connections need to be built above and against the inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative inclination in each of us, the generated tension, the sophisticated “channeling” of the awesome power of the Human ego would generate more energy than the most effective nuclear power plants.

On the other hand, if we do not learn how to build such “positive nuclear plants”, interconnections that can channel the force of the ego towards positive, constructive goals, purposes, we will explode like a nuclear bomb!

Thus we urgently need the right, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing connections through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method that can teach us how to start acting, existing against our instincts, hormonal reactions.