The spiritual awakening of our generation of Humanoids

Just like in Westworld

As a result of pressure from my family I started watching the popular TV series, “Westworld” recently. Then as I watched it I started to see an eery similarity between the story and what is happening to us all as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the series artificially created humanoid robots — created in extremely realistic “Disney-like” parks for wealthy visitors to fulfill all of their desires (mostly sex, control and killing) in safe circumstances with total impunity — go through a certain “spiritual awakening”.

They start to question who they are, what their meaning, purpose is to the point of starting a revolt against their creators and tormentors.

As the Covid-19 virus relentlessly pulls the plug on our own artificial Matrix we have been living in — blindly following our inherently egocentric, self-justifying, individualistic and subjective operating software — we also received the chance for such a “spiritual awakening”, to start asking, start a search about who we are, what program motivates is, what our unique Human purpose is in Nature’s infinite and perfect system.

Driven by an “evil” — egotistic — program

We also need to revolt against the “evil” control that governed us so far, our “creator” — Nature’s evolution — placed in us: against our own selfish, hateful ego that is the root of all the problems we are facing today.

But contrary to the storyline in “Westworld”, Nature’s intention with installing us with the original, egotistic, destructive software, placing us into the artificial, inhumane Matrix is utterly benevolent, positive.

Only by recognizing, accepting the inherently “evil”, destructive qualities of our original program and as a result of revolting against it, purposefully developing, obtaining an opposite, “Nature-like”, selfless, altruistic upgrade can we become “truly Human”.

The unique Human contrast

If we were born with the same, instinctively integrated, subservient nature, program as all other animals, elements of Nature, we would be just a blind, unconscious cogwheels in the system as all other parts of Nature’s circle of life, automatically fulfilling our predetermined part.

But Human beings were given the chance and the ability to act out their original egotistic, destructive program until they recognize its “evil” qualities and then consciously, purposefully learn how to integrate into Nature.

Then as a result of this conscious, methodical integration against the contrast of the original program we can attain our unique, conscious, independent and objective observer status within Nature’s system.

At the threshold of becoming truly Human

It is this last, conscious phase of Human development towards reaching our evolutionary Human purpose what starts in our special generation.

The pandemic and the evolving, all-encompassing socioeconomic crisis that follows will make sure that even if we wanted we couldn’t return to the previous unconscious life, that we can’t plug ourselves back into the Matrix as it doesn’t function any more.

So it is very important that we take this opportunity, opening extremely seriously and proactively start researching, learning our Human role so we can make the proactive, conscious transition from blind, instinctive humanoids to become truly Human beings — the crowns of Nature’s evolution.



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