The single, universally reliable method of peacebuilding

Question from the Internet:

“Do you agree that there can be no single and universally reliable approach to peacebuilding?”

There IS a single and universally reliable approach to peacebuilding. The problem, the reason we are not using is that it involves changing, correcting, upgrading ourselves, and this is something nobody wants to do.

We can’t build true, sustainable peace as we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and individualistic nature, and we all thrive to get above others in every respect and our greatest pleasure comes from succeeding, surviving at the expense of others.

This is why the most we can achieve is “cease-fires” while we immediately start plotting the next competition, battle, triumph over others.

Thus in order to build true, sustainable peace we would all need to change ourselves, more precisely to change how we approach, how we relate to others, accepting them as they are, supporting them, connecting to them above and against our inherent nature.

This is not some kind of nice ideology, mysticism, or “singing Kumbaya” as some suggest. This is according to Nature’s strict, unchanging and unforgiving laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on.

And while this true peacebuilding is extremely difficult against ourselves, we have the right, purposeful and practical method that can help us achieve it.