The single most important technology life depends on

The most important technology we need access to in order to evolve, improve life on planet Earth is the “technology of mutual connections” between people, nations.

In the fully integrated, interdependent global world we have evolved into — according to Nature’s relentless plan driving the whole system towards full integration — only a perfectly integrated Humanity can align itself with this plan and reach compatibility with Nature we are all integral parts of.

Our problem-solving ability and collective survival thus depend solely on our ability to build mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation, which will also provide us with a unique “collective mind” that can objectively observe, research and fully understand Nature’s system.

So this is the “technology” we need to learn first of all through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method that will help us act above and against our inherently egoistic, individualistic nature that rejects us from each other.

Then we will be able to use any other technology for the right, positive and constructive goals, purpose instead of using them as weapons against each other.