The single, global Human mosaic - comprising of myriads of unique interconnected parts

Question from the Internet:

“The state remains to be relevant among the processes and structures of globalization. Are you on the affirmative side or the negative side?”

All our questions, dilemmas become much more simple if we understand, accept that we have always been and we are still an integral part of Nature’s system.

For example, “globalization” is not something we made, created. We are forced into a globally integrated and fully interdependent world by Nature’s laws and evolution. Humanity cannot remain as an incompatible, egocentric, subjective, and individualistic bubble within Nature as then the system will eject us as a foreign body. Actually, this rejection, ejection has already started.

Thus we do not have any free choice about becoming globally, mutually integrated.

But this does not mean losing our individual and national identities. We will have to build the obligatory global interconnections, cooperation by knowing exactly who we are, what our unique irreplaceable qualities, talents, positive and negative attributes are, so we would all find our special “cogwheel role” in the single, living “Human organism” which is also part of the larger, Natural system.

In our biological body each cell, organ, subsystem have their very unique markers, identities, roles, and together they build the body we exist through and which provides — on top of the complex mutual integration — our ‘systematic consciousness, the ‘self” we identify with.

Humanity is destined to comprise a qualitatively much higher, collective Human consciousness, intellect that equals Nature and becomes Nature’s only conscious, objective partners, observer.