The secret of life: True, Natural Love

Missing the “secret ingredient of life” in front of our eyes

Humanity has been searching for the “secret of life”, for the ability to create and prolong life, to achieve eternal life as long as we can remember.

So far we haven’t been able to “crack the code”, although it has been all around us everywhere all the time.

Since perception, attainment, understanding requires similarity of form between the researcher and researched observer and observed, we couldn’t reveal this “secret” due to our incompatibility with it.

We can sense life in our own biological bodies and in every particle, element, system in Nature.

We have been studying it through our sciences, dissecting, analyzing, synthesizing everything and the “secret ingredient” is constantly in from of our eyes, but we miss it each and every time, as we disregard it, ignore it, we can’t imagine that it would be the true “God particle”, the most important factor in the Universe.

We are of course talking about Love. But this Love is not the love we usually talk, sing, dream, write poems about.

Oblivious to “Love”

This is True, Natural Love — a completely selfless, altruistic, unconditional service of others, where the “lover” simply disappears, dissolves into the “object of desire”.

This is a “Love” we have no comprehension about, we do not have any sense of it. Our “love” is fully self-serving, egocentric, we “love” as long as it gives us pleasure when we lose the “taste of love” we cannot “love” anymore and we move away. This is true from “loving tasty fish” to the “mother’s love” towards her child.

Our inherent ego, which can make calculations only for its own sake makes us completely blind to the “True Love” that creates, nurtures life in Nature’s perfect, self-sustaining system. We have the same “Love” circulating in our own biological bodies between our cells and organs, but when it comes to the relation between Human beings this “Love” disappears and only mutual distrust, hate remains instead.

Normally we do not even lack this “True Love” as we are born into seeing reality egocentrically, subjectively. The notion of success, survival at the expense of others, at the expense of Nature is what is normal for us. This is how we are born, brought up, and educated for and Human society has been built on these egotistic, exploitative foundations for millennia.

Nature pushes us towards “True Love”

But in our generation, a serious problem arose. As we evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent system — Nature pushed us into — we started to notice that whatever we built before, all the usual “solutions”, the template we have been using are slipping through our fingers. We feel as if we woke up on a completely different planet that demands us to re-learn how to exist, how to connect with each other and the world around us!

Nature started to demand from us to adapt ourselves to its system, its laws of integrality. We would need to learn how to “Love” as Nature does. But How?!

At this stage we do not even know what this “Natural Love” is, we never felt it, can’t imagine what it means to disappear, dissolve into others, to feel and fulfill the desires, needs of others as if they were our own. We simply do not have the program, the template for such states, emotions!

Thus we need a very unique, purposeful, and practical educational method to teach us how to Love as Nature does. And the first step in this process learning, recognizing that we do not have the ability for such a thing!

The terrible recognition of not being alive!

Through the above-mentioned education, in a specially organized, methodical, “laboratory-like” environment, we can come to this recognition — as we make 100% efforts, work through mutual exercises, activities to build mutual connections, perfect unity between us based on Nature’s template. And the more we try, the more we realize this is impossible!

In this special laboratory, we open a previously undetected empty, “dead” space, a sense of desperately helpless feeling, how much we would need to achieve the “Natural, True Love” in between us — as without it we can’t solve problems and survive in Nature’s integral system — and how much we are incapable of doing so.

This is a very unpleasant feeling as with it we also realize that we haven’t even lived a true Human life before!

Until this moment our life has been a completely blind, instinctive “animalistic existence”, grabbing for ourselves whatever our egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations dictated, simply surviving day to day from involuntary birth to involuntary death. And at the same time, we do not even belong to Nature’s perfect system as due to our Human ego we remain outside of the system, disconnected from it, sensing ourselves as organs, cells disconnected from the body.

This emptiness, sensing “like being dead” while being alive is a terrible recognition. It is like suddenly finding ourselves in a vacuum, breathless, lifeless. But at the same time, this state evokes new motivations in us that can help us to move forward despite feeling unable to do so.

A new fear, “fear from being unable to Love”

A new, previously unknown fear arises in us in this state!

Fear is the most potent motivational force pushing us forward, pulling us out of our comfort zone. By default, all our fears relate to ourselves as we fear for our life, health, possessions, loved ones, or those who are religious fear what will happen to them after they die.

But the fear these unique people in the Human laboratory start to feel is very different.

Their fear arises from the revelation that they cannot “Love” as Nature does. And as a result, they start to understand — which was concealed from them before — that it is not enough that without “True Love” they haven’t felt a truly Human life yet, but that through the egotistic self-reception they are actually arresting Nature unique flow of life, causing problems to everybody and everything like a blocked vessel in the body!

They reveal that the emptiness, the vacuum they opened, from where the “True Love” is missing as they can’t provide it, is like a dead part of the body the life-giving circulation cannot reach! This is a completely different kind of fear, fear from “fruitless, disabled love”, like the mother’s love who would like to feed her child but has nothing to give. And they revealed it through the 100% effort to reach active “True Love” until they realized that this is impossible!

Primordial fear, need awakening the “Natural Love” in us

If they worked hard enough and this sensation is sharp, tangible enough, it gives them a true “love or death” situation. They do not care about themselves any longer, they only feel that intolerable pain of blocking Nature’s flow of energy, life towards the rest of the system as they are unable to detach themselves from their inherent nature. They viscerally feel that even disappearing from the world completely would be better than seeing, feeling this emptiness, the lack of “Love” they cause.

The only thing they ever want is to receive this ability to selflessly, unconditionally serve others, serve the whole system without any consideration for themselves, without any reward or even feedback, they just want to open themselves as unblocked capillaries, arteries that can provide circulation for the rest of the system.

Then something truly unprecedented happens! As a result of this primordial, visceral, irrepressible need to be able to “Love” they awaken, activate a previously dormant, Natural ability inside. We all carry such an inactive “DNA fragment” as part of Nature’s perfect system, which is normally suppressed by the selfish, egotistic software we are born with. But in this incredible, “life or death” deadlock the ego becomes paralyzed, giving an opportunity for this hidden program to become activated.

As a result of this unique awakening the members of the laboratory suddenly feel that what they truly yearned for, to connect and start serving each other with “True, selfless, unconditional Love” has become possible. They can determine this for certain as the new program does not delete the old one, but start acting above it against it. Thus in this unique duality, contrast they do not have any doubts that the way they can relate to each other is “supernatural” — meaning above their inherent nature, program which they also feel as background to measure against.

Creating Life

With their new ability, they start filling up that empty, dead space with the sensation of a unique, mutual feeling of life they never experienced before. As they became similar to Nature through matching — “Loving” — qualities now they start sensing Nature’s life-flow, the “circle of life” streaming through their connection, providing life, and nurturing it.

Of course, we are not the power source, we do not generate, create life ourselves, still as we now let Nature’s life-giving energy to stream through us, from our point of view it is as if we ourselves gained the ability to create and nurture life.

This consciously, actively, methodically achieved partnership, the similarity with nature is our Human purpose in life, this is how we can sample what a truly Human life — becoming the facilitators of Nature's life-circulation — is.




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