The scientific revelation of reality’s single governing force

Question from the Internet:

“Isn’t it religious to talk about attaining, connecting to a single operating force in reality?”

Such a notion comes from a unique science that can teach us how to observe, attain reality “as it is”, objectively, without the usual egocentric, subjective distortions, by methodically changing ourselves.
It is all about a realistic, tangible, repeatable attainment anybody can reach by following the right method and tools.

At the moment we feel ourselves in a world that is seemingly chaotic, we are stumbling from crisis to crisis. Humanity is endangering itself day to day more, seemingly sleepwalking towards inevitable self-destruction.

At the same time this imminent danger now gives us an opportunity to examine the reality we exist in, and why we are not fitting this reality, why we are incompatible with it.

We have the opportunity to recognize that we can’t do whatever we want, as we exist in a system, reality, world that is built on “iron laws”, and follows a predetermined plan which defines all the cause and effect processes we need to go through and it also determines our final, most optimal, evolutionary Human goal in life.

We can either ignore the fact that we exist in a lawful, deterministic system and continue our proud, stubborn march towards self-destruction following our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative nature as we have been doing so far.

We can imagine the system we live in as religions do, governed by an unattainable “higher force”, that defined laws, actions for us to follow through blind belief, and hope that as a result we will be rewarded after our suffering-filled, painful physical life is over.

The two first options don’t require from the person to change oneself, as people remain in their inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception of reality, seeing, perceiving everything through the instinctively introverted, self-oriented viewpoint.

Or we can use a special, practical scientific method that can help us change, attain a completely new, selfless, altruistic consciousness, perception of reality.

Through that we gain a completely objective viewpoint, allowing us to research and understand reality as it is, seeing that everything is purposeful, perfectly organised, prepared towards a final, most optimal goal.

Through this method we can come to actually, tangibly sense perfection, even eternity, infinity within this lifetime, here and now. But for this we have to completely change ourselves, acquire an opposite second nature, “upgrade” through the above mentioned method.

Then we don’t have to believe in an unattainable “higher force” as we can come to actually sense, partner the single governing force of Nature and its plan by “tuning ourselves” to acquire its selfless, altruistic qualities, attaining all through this acquired similarity.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.