The Science of the Focal Point — How to Connect Humanity with Nature ?

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readApr 17, 2020


A new story from my dear friend Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

At this time, My Dear Friends, I have the privilege to share with you a link that aiming to depict and imagine -
how the Focal Point of an Astronomic Telescope represents the Connection between Humanity and Nature?

Astronomical Telescopes

In order to look through a telescope, you need two lenses, the objective, which is the principal lens of the telescope, and an eyepiece. The image scale in the focal plane is determined by F, the focal length of the objective, the distance between the lens and the focused image. If you look through the telescope, the magnification will be determined by the ratio of the focal lengths of the objective and the eyepiece.
The sensitivity of the telescope is determined by the collecting area of the objective lens (or primary mirror) which is proportional to the square of its diameter.

The Focal Point- is the interaction/intersection point between the Objective and the Eyepiece beams (above the red bar between
F & f). this focal point — is actually the point that converts the image of the object (the top beam of the objective becomes bottom beam in the eyepiece and vise versa), in order to “Allow the Observer’s/Human eye (blue circle) to See the Light” or object from area D
(in front/far ahead from the objective or just call it The Infinity/Endless Light).

Science determined that area D — is “The Light Gathering Power” and “Magnification Can Be Adjusted By Changing Eyepiece”.

Let's try to depict together an imaginary scenario/test case question — starting from Adam until today’s modern humanity in 2020:
How far or how close is Nature from an ordinary person in this corporeal world and why my focal point connects me with Nature?

At first glance, it makes no sense, but looking bit deeper into our interrelations, interdependence, and interconnection — we may end up with an unreasonable conclusion that if we would be able to connect together all people in the world (represented by D beams),
we could create a sort of a “filter/screen” that their “gathering power” will be reflected at the Focal Point > intersection to One View.

The next step/question: How to Gather the Power of all Humanity? The answer is — through Integral Education, i,e, Connection.
And what is the purpose of this “Humanity Gathering”? The internet explains that “In Multitude of People Is The King’s Glory”.

And how will we feel “The King’s Glory”? Have you heard by chance about the Coronavirus or Global Corona Crisis or Nature?
If not, welcome to the “Club of Budapest”, the One place in the World, where the Top Notch #1 WWC/World Wisdom Council Thinkers found and shared with the humanity and revealed “ The method of Connection between Humanity and Nature”. Enjoy !!!



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