The right “Globalization" following Nature’s example

Question from the Internet:

“Globalisation surely destroys the unique cultures and differences in people. The reason Japan is so interesting is due to its past isolation, same with China. If everyone joins together surely much will be lost, including diversity of people, no?”

It is how we use “Globalization" — stronger nations colonizing others through corporate, economic, cultural means, through global trade and entertainment, financial pressure - which destroys cultures, diversity, individual and national identity.

Creating a homogenous, single global market for manipulated, dumbed, toned down, zombie like humanoids is how “Globalization looks, when we use the inevitable global integration in our usual selfish, exploitative way.

But “Globalization" — the full integration, interdependence between people and nations — is a natural, evolutionary necessity in Nature’s system that evolves towards most optimal integration.

We have to learn how to build “Nature-like" integration between individuals and nations, when diversity, individual uniqueness is not supposed, erased but it is cherished and augmented, since life is born out of the mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconections, cooperation between extremely diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements of living systems.

An ideal Human society — each individual, nation contributing to the well-being of the whole through their unparalleled, irreplaceable uniqueness — would provide such a qualitatively higher level, collective Human life, instead of the robotic, mindless, aimless “Matrix" we have created for ourselves which had no right to exist in Nature’s loving, evolving system.