The right environment can change us for the better

Question from the Internet:

“A philosopher once said that humans are basically good, but become bad humans because of the environment. Is that true?”

Probably my answer won’t be popular. But it is the other way around.

We are all basically “bad” - inherently self-serving, send-justifying and thrive on succeeding at the expense of others.

Of course it is not really “bad”, evil or even sinful. We are born like this and had no free choice about our inherent Human “program”, so we are not responsible for it.

On the other today when we look at the world, seeing how incapable we are to act against our selfish, exploitative inclination and with that we drive Humanity collectively towards self-destruction, we need to recognize and about our inherent program as “bad” and destructive.

Then we can use the right environment - together with a special, purposeful and practical scientific method - to change, upgrade our nature/program, so we could start acting above our instinctive reactions small attitude for the sake of others, for the well-being of the whole collective.