The right education

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 6, 2021


Question from the internet:

“You say that we need the right education to save our problems and safeguard our future. Okay. I am listening. What is the right education? How do you get all or the majority of people to buy in and commit? The world’s communities are fractured in so many ways. What is the common denominator that will bring the world’s communities together as a whole?”

Thank you for the fantastic and very important questions!

The right education needs to help us learn, understand, feel the system, reality we exist in, how by default we are not suitable, compatible with this system, and then how we can consciously, methodically, practically change, fine-tune, adapt ourselves to the system.

We exist in a deterministic, lawful natural system where life and optimal development depends on a fragile overall balance and homeostasis natural laws govern.

As many people get confused with predators eating prey, this thinking that nature is a random, cruel system where only the strongest survive (projecting our own human worldview onto Nature), let’s take our own biological body as an example of a closed, integrated living system for this natural balance and homeostasis.

If each and every cell, organ doesn’t follow the laws of integration, all unconditionally working for the sake, well-being of the whole organism, disease occurs leading to system failure.

By default, due to our inherent, proudly individualistic, egocentric, subjective nature, as we thrive on ruthless competition, success at each other’s expense, excessive overconsumption, we all act like cancer in humanity’s single organism and in Nature’s system.

This is the reason of the helplessly recurring vicious historic cycles and the endless crisis, conflicts in our times. This is why we can’t even discuss, let alone solve our mounting global problems.

So we will need to start recognizing this problem and start changing ourselves instead of trying to correct others and the world around us.

Obviously this is not going to happen with 8 billion people all at once, not even with one billion. But a small, strong, sensitive and committed critical mass is enough to start thevprocess.

If this critical mass can show an obvious positive example while the general global society continues to collapse, decline, people will naturally follow the positive example like leaving a sinking ship for the rescue boats.

As we are inevitably moving towards self-destruction on a global scale, our first common denominator is collective survival.

And I know that it seems people don’t care even when disasters struck — as we are seeing it through the pandemic — when we are truly in a dire strait which our generation hasn’t seen yet— no water, no food, all our system shut down, possibly no clear air to breath as Hollywood painted it a few times — we will change in the lack of any other choice.

But we can avoid this proactively, consciously changing in advance through the above mentioned critical mass and the right method.

Later we will find different common denominators when we start to understand that a nature-like, positively integrated collective existence is qualitatively much higher, with incomprehensible benefits, advances for all of us, not to mention that by that we become aligned with Nature’s system unlocking all of its treasures, forces, resources we can’t even imagine today.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.